River Song and the Doctor: The Marriage Collection Part 2/2

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#can we talk about that 7th gif? #it is such an underappreciated beat #but look at what he just said #’river i’m not sure this can work’ #like #if you doubt that he is fully in love with her #and considers her his partnet #look at that one line #because who does the doctor ever admit that to? #not the companions - pretend you have a plan and hang on is what you do then #not anyone #he doesn’t admit that he may be wrong #he doesn’t admit that he’s afraid of that possibility ever #but he admits it to her #point blank #it is so clearly obvious that for him they have been married a long long time at this point #that he trusts her absolutely #not just with his life and his friends and his time machine #but with his fears #and that is so huge for him #it’s beyond ‘oh she knows all my weaknesses’ at this point #it’s moved on to him admitting them #and i just #am making myself emotional before work nbd nbd (via areyoumarriedriver)


Alex Kingston in Chasing Shadows promo

Alex Kingston at the Macbeth Opening Night After Party 5th June 2014



This is honestly the best day of my life. Alex is the absolute sweetest, most genuine, beautiful, amazing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. This is a happy day in kinglet history!
For those of you who want to know what happened, well, I’ll tell you!
She came out and we all started squealing for her. There were about eight to ten people waiting outside and she just looked so touched— clasping her hands over her heart and looking at us with such joy on her face. Immediately, she walked over to us and asked “Are you the kinglets?”
I had sent her gorgeous flowers with a note signed “kinglets” so that’s why she was asking.
I was like “Yes!! Did you get my flowers?”
She lit up like a a Christmas tree and said, “YEESS!! My flowers are in my dressing room… I just have to thank you so much,” she then stepped forward and wrapped me in her arms. It was such a wonderful, loving hug and I just held her and squealed into her hair for a few seconds lol.
Then, when we pulled away I asked if I could possibly have a photo and she smiled and said, “Yes, YOU’RE ALLOWED!” With a little chuckle and AHSJSK it was so cute! I stepped in for the photo and she noticed I was shaking. She was like, “oh my god, you’re shaking!!” Then started rubbing up my arms and my shoulder and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay!!” Which was just… AAAHHH!!!
She then asked me if I enjoyed the play. And I said YES, that she was amazing and she was just speechless. She gave me the most heart warming smile and then I stepped back to let my kinglet friend have a photo with her. She complimented Mary’s TARDIS Phone case and said it was amazing. And then we said bye and let her move on to some other people.
But for that few minutes, Alex Kingston gave me her undivided attention. She THANKED me, HUGGED me, and CARED for me.. I could not ask for a better meeting. She was so perfect and nice and I have never felt happier to be a Kinglet.
PLUS hearing her say “kinglets” for the first time was pretty cool. :)
Thank you Alex. Thank you so much.





Alex Kingston hasn’t aged for 16 years.


Alex Kingston signing a TARDIS at Miami Supercon 2012!